Sosua: Dare to Dance Together All-Stars To Perform at the Museum of Tolerance


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sosua enters its fourth performance year with changes to highlight its accomplishments and continuity.

Since its beginning, each year Sosua performed has had separate casts. Now, to re-enforce the united mission of the group, the Y will combine alumni from previous casts to present an all-star Sosua performance to new audience and venues.


On November 12, 2012, 7:30 pm , Sosua will perform at the Museum of Tolerance (MOT), a museum that considers itself a "human rights laboratory and educational center." Not just limited to educating its visitors and friends about the Holocaust, the museum also works to confront all forms of prejudices and discrimination in the world's history. MOT accomplishes this task beyond stressing what happened through documents and artifacts, but adds unique opportunities for each visitor to leave feeling like an activist.


Sosua fits with the MOT's overall theme. Sosua does not just stress past events. It also asks the audience to examine themselves and the world around them. In one of Sosua's songs, audience members should "reach out and give a little something," fitting with the museum's purpose of creating activists of attentive audiences.


The brainchild of Victoria Neznansky, Chief Program Office at The Y, Sosua Dare to Dance Together was written by Elizabeth Swardos and tells the little-known story of the plight of German Jewish refugees to the Dominican Republic. The musical has become noted in the surrounding New York City area for bringing together Jewish and Dominican teens to perform and to educate about the Holocaust. Over the years, the musical has served as a dialogue between other genocides including Soviet Union's Joseph Stalin repressions and gulags and Dominican Republic's Rafael Trujillo racially motivated Parsley Massacre.


Former and current cast members have added their own family histories and personal experiences of prejudice to continue Sosua's legacy of exodus, freedom, and survival. The Museum of Tolerance provides another opportunity for the Y to share in its overall mission of a diverse, inclusive agency targeted towards communal change and action.


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written by David Huggins