Who We Are: Values Walking Tour

The Norman E. Alexander Center for Jewish Life at the YM&YWHA of Washington Heights & Inwood (the Y) is inviting artists from Northern Manhattan to participate in an innovative community art project: Who We Are: Values Walking Tour. Through this project, we welcome local artists to submit works of art related to a specific set of humanitarian values, one for each month of the year, to engage the community in a values-based conversation through monthly art exhibitions. 

It is our goal, amidst a COVID-19 reality, to promote local artists and offer the Northern Manhattan community access to art. While normally we would like for this art to be shown on the walls of the Y, with the current COVID-related limitations, it is our goal to bring our local artists to the streets of our community.

Accepted submissions will be distributed throughout the neighborhood via physical posters, the Y’s website, and social media. The posters will include images of the artwork, the month’s value, artist name, and a short description about the artwork. Additionally, each poster will have a QR code offering more information about the project, values, artwork, and artists, as well as a link to the artist’s website and social media account. Click here to view a template.

We invite artists of all backgrounds to apply with relevant works of art for one or more of the monthly values. Click here to view the monthly values. 

All chosen art will ultimately need to be submitted in high-resolution files:
• 300 dpi
• 8” x 10” / 10” x 8” (minimum)

To apply, please submit the following:
• Up to 5 high-quality jpeg files 
• 5” x 7” / 7” x 5” (minimum)
• Label each image: Lastname_Firstname_Value  
  ◦ For example, Cohen_Gal_Pride 
• A short bio, one paragraph of up to 100 words

We are accepting submissions through May 2021. 

Please share submissions here.  Please email Gal Cohen with questions.

Header image by Values Walking Tour: Who We Are Curator Gal Cohen.